Kankel Cacao - Red Wine Truffles

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What you have in front of you is real gourmet chocolate truffles, the truth of La Rioja, the marriage of two worlds that match perfectly: chocolate and wine. The most exceptional concepts spring forth from the realm of challenge, sparked by questions that relentlessly traverse your thoughts. Picture this: a luxurious chocolate truffle which encapsulates luscious wine-infused ganache, capturing the aromatic essence of famous Tempranillo red wine and coated with grape skin, where the wine sugar is formed. The result is unexpected and surprising bringing Kankel's truffles the status of one of the best and unique luxury chocolate truffles in the world. 

It's an irresistible gift and a sophisticated ending to any party or dinner. 

This stylish tin contains 12 luxurious red wine truffles produced in the La Rioja region of Spain.