Kankel Cacao - Cacao Nuggets

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Have you ever heard about the era when cocoa beans served as a form of currency? It's precisely why Kankel's Cocoa Nuggets are adorned with a shimmering coat of edible gold dust. Within, you'll discover a roasted cocoa bean at its core, lovingly enrobed in our artisan bean-to-bar chocolate.

From the heart of Peru, where Raúl cultivates the highly sought-after Chuncho variety on his Chacra, Kankel sources its' cocoa. The beans are meticulously roasted and set aside. Subsequently, they join the Peruvian chocolate crafted from other beans. This process results in the tantalizing combination of freshly roasted, crispy Chuncho variety beans encased in their own luscious chocolate, adorned with a touch of gold, paying homage to the historical use of cocoa beans as a form of currency.