Log Cabin - lavender, mint and eucalyptus 4 oz bar

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This soap, named after the historic location of log cabin on the white pass railroad route connecting Skagway to Yukon, uses all natural ingredients, colourants, and essential oils. It is scented with pine and fir. This is an exfoliating soap containing coffee grains to scrub away dead skin and tough dirt. Handmade and cured in our northern Canadian studio located in Yukon Territory. 4 oz bar This soap is wrapped in a Meghan Hildebrand art print. Check out more of her artwork at meghanhildebrand.com Ingredients: aqua (water) sodium cocoate (coconut oil) sodium conolate (canola oil) sodium olivate (olive oil) sodium plamate (palm oil) montmorillonite (french green clay) coffee grounds essential oils