Meybol Cacao - Misky 62%

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Derived from the Inca language, "Misky" translates to "sweet" or "lovely." This name harmoniously aligns with our latest chocolate creation, "Misky." Crafted from one of the world's premier cocoa varieties, Misky chocolate is composed of 62% Chuncho fine cocoa. This particular cocoa thrives in the secluded Andean valleys of the VRAEM region in southern Peru and faces the threat of extinction.

Meybol's commitment lies in preserving the unique flavors and characteristics of these rare cocoa beans, expertly showcased in this Misky chocolate. Indulge in the diverse array of flavors and the enchanting essence of Chuncho fine cocoa. Hello Chocolate is proud to present you with this dark chocolate. Discover how "Misky" captivates your palate with its sweet and lovely notes.

Advocating for socially just and sustainable cocoa production, "Misky" embodies more than a name—it signifies a commitment to a cause. With 62% fine cocoa sourced from the Chuncho variety, naturally cultivated in the elevated terrains of the VRAEM region in Peru, this chocolate showcases one of the world's most exquisite and scarce cocoa bean varieties, boasting a captivating aroma profile and remarkably low acidity.