Puchero - Milk With Croissant 48%

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The bar features a tantalizing blend of Acid Bakehouse Madrid's butter croissant and Dominican Republic cacao, creating an explosive combination. Crafted with half a croissant and infused with cacao sourced from 25 smallholder-farming families in Duarte province, this chocolate bar embodies a meticulous process. The cacao, cultivated in El Zorzal farm amid 200km of natural forest, undergoes a six-day fermentation before basking in the sun for a week to dry.

Resulting from this careful process is a cocoa with a rich chocolaty essence, accentuated by nutty nuances and hints of dried flowers like chamomile, rose, and citronella.

The other half of this delectable creation comprises Acid Bakehouse's flaky butter croissant, perfectly complementing the classic cacao profile. As a final touch, delicate croissant flakes adorn the back, a testament to the care and passion invested in this exceptional chocolate bar.