Vigdis Rosenkilde - Echarate, 70%

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Europe's Best Dark Chocolate 2023

International Chocolate Awards, European Competition 2023 - Silver.


These distinctive flavor notes aren't added; they naturally emerge from our carefully processed cocoa at every stage. Chuncho cacao flourishes along the Urubamba River in the breathtaking upper Amazon region, embraced by mist-shrouded mountains. Captivated by Chuncho's allure and the enchanting landscape, Vigdis embarked on several exciting collaborations there. Known for its floral and fruity nuances, Chuncho is a prized heirloom cocoa. Delight in this exquisite and richly flavored treasure, taking your time to savor the wonders of this noble dairy-free dark chocolate.

Crafted from textured recycled paper, our packaging serves as a gateway to understanding the meticulous journey from cocoa fruit to the creation of this sublime chocolate bar.