Vigdis Rosenkilde - Piura Milk with Quinoa, 40%

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Indulge in the delightful blend of flavors in our Milk Chocolate with Crispy Quinoa - featuring a rich 40% Piura Criollo cocoa exclusively represented by the Hello Chocolate shop.

Crafted from Piura Blanco cocoa sourced from the northern region of Piura, Peru, this chocolate combines the finest ingredients: milk powder, sugar, cocoa butter, and toasted quinoa. The Piura Criollo cocoa naturally infuses honey, nut, and yogurt notes, showcasing its superior quality, akin to the complexity found in fine wines and coffees.

The roasted quinoa adds a satisfying crunch to this milk chocolate, enhancing the mild and nutty profile of the Piura Blanco cocoa. The cocoa undergoes meticulous processing at every stage, ensuring a delectable taste experience. Once you try this chocolate, resisting another bite becomes a delightful challenge.

Not only does Vidis' chocolate captivate your taste buds, but our commitment to sustainability extends to the packaging. Made from recycled paper with a textured finish, our packaging provides insight into the journey from cocoa fruit to chocolate bar, inviting you to explore the intricate processes behind this exquisite treat.