Proud to represent Clarke & Clarke

Proud to represent Clarke & Clarke

Proud to represent Clarke & Clarke

Tuck is proud to be a Clarke & Clarke wallpaper and fabric distributor!  These designs also include the creative and whimsical patterns from an exciting collaboration with artist Emma J Shipley!  She presents a menagerie of coordinating fabric and wallpaper, incorporating rich velvets, luxurious satins and shimmering effects.
Mystic, magical and exotic, ‘Animalia’ features tropical parrots, swinging lemurs, fierce tigers and delicately hand drawn giraffes.

We invite you to explore Clarke & Clarke's extensive and inspirational website where you can pour over their beautiful collections:

Clarke & Clarke wallpaper- VIEW HERE 

Clarke & Clarke Fabrics - VIEW HERE

Clarke & Clarke collaboration with Emma Shipley - VIEW HERE

Once you have Pre-shopped on Clarke & Clarke's fabulous user Friendly website please reach out and email us at  or phone us 506 642 9692 and we will provide you with pricing!  

Please note we only sell the wallpaper & fabric.   

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