Blossom Trailing Milk Weed in Pot - Artificial Plant

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For the houseplant lovers among us, the Trailing Milkweed is a must have. Great for a high shelf, the trails will tumble down beautifully, adding layers and textures. No need to worry about draughts, light levels or watering, this lovely plant requires little attention, apart from admiring its cool beauty of course!    Dimensions: L55.88 x Dia 17.78 cm Materials: Ceramic Pot, ResinAA botanicals are made to the highest standard. All of our plants are made from hand-painted fabric or resin fixed into resin, ceramic or metal pots. Care Guide: Plants can be shaken free of dust or wiped down with a soft dry cloth if needed. To keep your plants looking fabulous for as long as possible, store away from direct sunlight and moisture to avoid colour fading.