Proud to represent House of Hackney

Tuck is proud to be a House of Hackney distributor, the home of iconic print wallpaper and fabric from the husband and wife team, Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle!

Today the husband-and-wife team has grown into a family of artists, designers, producers and collaborators. Powered by a fearless imagination and innovative thinking, they've blazed a trail through the magnolia-walled interiors of the 21st century, a riot of colour and print. Built upon the foundations of creativity with purpose, integrity in our actions and compassion for people and planet, they continue to build upon the House, creating unique and inspiring designs that will stand the test of time.

We invite you to explore House of Hackney's extensive and inspirational website where you can pour over their beautiful collections:

House of Hackney Wallpaper - VIEW HERE 

House of Hackney Border - VIEW HERE

House of Hackney Fabric  - VIEW HERE

Once you have Pre-shopped on House of Hackney's fabulous user Friendly website please reach out and  email us at  or phone us 506 642 9692 and we will provide you with pricing!  

Please note that House of Hackney has a two roll minimum order on wallpaper and a 3-yard minimum on fabric.